Office of Design & Delivery

We design and build services for Austin's residents that grow and adapt with their needs

We launched our Office of Design & Delivery in May 2018 to scale our capacity for designing and delivering the best possible services for our residents.

Our culture is our strongest asset. We believe that work should be fun, that learning is ongoing, and that everyone has something to teach. We ask for help, default to action, and balance short-term wins with long-term outcomes. We have strong opinions, loosely held, and we’re open by default.

Learn about how we work.

We’re always interested in hearing from residents, sharing our work, and connecting with potential collaborators in the civic space. Find us on Twitter and Medium as @civiqueso, or send us an email at


How we got here

We started with an experiment. Building on learnings from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 18F, and the U.S. Digital Service, we launched the City of Austin’s Design, Technology & Innovation Fellows program in Summer 2016 to “bring the principles, values, and practices of the technology sector into government.”

The first version of our recruiting website, forked from NYC TechJobs

Over the next three years, we hired over 70 design and technology specialists to improve services around permitting, recycling, homelessness, and public safety. We introduced new practices for user research, service design, content strategy, engineering, and product management, and we launched Austin’s first Digital Transformation Strategy with a modular platform at

In May 2018, we became a more permanent and sustainable part of the City of Austin as a division of the Communications & Technology Management Department, where we lead design, development, and product strategy for, our Service Design Lab, and city-wide efforts to be a smarter city.

We’re led by our Head of Digital Transformation, Marni Wilhite, our mascot is the love chicken, and our team is growing! Check out our open positions.

Our team

Portrait of Marni Wilhite

Marni Wilhite

Head of Digital Transformation

Portrait of Gerald Oliver

Gerald Oliver

Operations Manager

Portrait of Daniel Honker

Daniel Honker

Policy Lab Manager

Portrait of Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Software Developer

Portrait of Sarah Rodriguez

Sarah Rodriguez

Data Analyst

Portrait of Tori Breitling

Tori Breitling

Experience Designer

Portrait of Chase Chenevert

Chase Chenevert

Visual Designer

Portrait of Nick Ivons

Nick Ivons

Software Developer

Portrait of Sarah Rigdon

Sarah Rigdon

Content Strategist

Portrait of Andrew Do

Andrew Do

Service Designer

Portrait of Eric Sherman

Eric Sherman

Software Developer

Portrait of Mark Janchar

Mark Janchar

User Researcher

Portrait of Anu Kandimalla

Anu Kandimalla

User Research Coordinator

Portrait of Bob Main

Bob Main

Software Developer

Portrait of Jo Dwyer

Jo Dwyer

Content Strategist

Portrait of Amanda Langworthy

Amanda Langworthy

Content Strategist

Portrait of Chia Berry

Chia Berry

Software Developer

Portrait of Kelsey Willard

Kelsey Willard

Service Designer

Portrait of Garrett Hall

Garrett Hall

Project Coordinator

Portrait of Samantha Modabber

Samantha Modabber

Project Coordinator

Portrait of Gabriela Perez

Gabriela Perez

Content Strategist

Portrait of Inara Fernandez

Inara Fernandez

Content Strategist

Portrait of Jair Piñeros

Jair Piñeros

QA Engineer