Office of Design & Delivery

Put Residents First.

We’re a new office at the City of Austin that’s dedicated to designing and building services for residents that grow and adapt with their needs.

What We're Working On

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Digital Services Transformation with Austin Resource Recovery, EMS, and departments across the City

Building living digital services that grow and adapt to resident needs

Improving Alerts for Flooded Roadways with Watershed Protection Department

We’re working with Austin’s Watershed Protection Department to improve how ATXfloods provides information about the status of roadway closures to the public and emergency services.

Making Permitting Work for Austin with Development Services Department

We’re working with staff in departments across the City to illustrate the permitting experience from our users’ perspectives and identify how technology can help us meet increasing demands.

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By the People, for the People

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Portrait of Chris Luedtke

Chris Luedtke

User Research Intern

Portrait of Puja Balachander

Puja Balachander

User Researcher

Portrait of Tori Breitling

Tori Breitling

Experience Designer

Portrait of Simi Damani

Simi Damani

Software Developer

What People are Saying about Us

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New America / The Commons

June 5, 2018

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November 4, 2016